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electric violinist in concert

Asher is one of the most versatile and in-demand classical and electric violinists in U.S., performing at concerts, corporate functions, weddings and more. He ranges from classical to hip hop, EDM and many other genres. He plays over a thousand tunes from memory, has a large repertoire of sheet music and can improvise on the spot. Asher uses a high-quality wireless system to support strolling and high-energy interaction in addition to 3 state of the art PA and DMX lighting systems. 

Asher is vetted by some of the biggest names in the music industry.  Take a look at our corporate, and event planning partners, social media and reviews!

dance violinist in concert
electric violinist - fashion show

Please scroll down the list of high quality "backing tracks" that Asher uniquely performs with, as a soloist. These tracks enable Asher to provide a complete orchestral experience at accessible price points. Contact us for many more options.

Electric Violinist | NYC 
Electric Violinist | New York Centre